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Virtuality has become the best tool to connect with people from all over the world, there are simply NO LIMITS.

For this reason, through this program we want to give you the opportunity to EXPAND your curriculum and your professional experience from the comfort of your home, managing your own schedule and becoming a self-sufficient professional in an increasingly globalized world with greater challenges.

  • 2 months of professional internship

You will be part of the POLITIKUM team and you will work closely in the creation and development of new programs in political education, social sciences and international relations. You will also have the opportunity to become the protagonist of our academic simulations and you will be able to explore some aspects of corporate communications.

  • Flexible schedules

You literally do NOT have to meet a specific work schedule because we want you to learn to manage your time, in such a way that you can accomplish everything you have to do on a day-to-day basis. Of course, we will give you deadlines for the tasks, to meet our monthly objectives. 

  • Certificates and recommendation letters

After your time at POLITIKUM, you can always count on us to support you on your professional path. We will issue a certificate for the time of your internship, but you can come to us whenever you need a letter of recommendation to apply to other companies in your future.

Be part of our team!

Expand your professional skills, from any corner of the planet.



For me, the internship at POLITIKUM implies broadening my horizons towards new topics of global relevance. I consider it a perfect opportunity to learn new things and also contribute my knowledge and skills to the organization and its students. 

Juan Diego Cow

Quito, Ecuador


An internship at POLITIKUM for me means the combination of two things in an open and supportive environment. On the one hand, the possibility of applying in a practical way what I have learned in my studies in International Relations through political education. On the other hand, being a connection bridge between my country of origin, Germany, and my adopted region, South America; spaces where POLITIKUM carries out its work.

Marie Giebler

Erfurt - Germany

I've wanted to be part of an organization like POLITIKUM for a while now. I'm honored to serve as a guide for other students like me with the desire to talk about the political aspects of the world we live in. When I think about this opportunity, I can't help but to feel optimistic about people, about the world, about our future. This organization is not only a bridge between nations, but a place to connect like minded people, a space to grow, to learn, to understand, and to have fun while doing very serious work. I have no doubt in my mind that this internship will allow me to sharpen my skills and cultivate new ones in myself and others. I'm very much looking forward to the new experiences

Denise Parada

Chicago, ILL - United States


Linking students together from different locations, backgrounds, and cultures creates global intelligence that will help them grow and learn with a diverse and well-rounded mindset. Bringing POLITIKUM PRAKTIKUM to the United States will increase cultural exchange with Ecuador and Germany, while giving students a safe place to explore and debate the challenges we all face globally. This program also provides a great opportunity for those interested in careers in diplomacy, research, and politics to gain the skills they will need to be successful and confident in their future roles.

reginald smith

Raleigh, NC - United States

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