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POLITIKUM is a private study corporation approved by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador through resolution MINEDUC-SEDMQ-2020-00231-R (December 8, 2020). Our goal is to create spaces for debate and learning in freedom focused on quality political education.

Through our programs, intensive and special courses we seek that the participants can create, grow and continuously evolve through a methodology of critical analysis, research and free opinion.

Our board of directors is made up of citizens committed to generating greater awareness about the political, economic and social issues that have a great impact on the world and its development.

Dr. Andrés González - Presidente del Directorio y Director Académico
Juan Diego Vaca - Miembro del Directorio
Dra. Olga Guayasamín - Secretaria y Miembro del Directorio
Dr. Alfredo González - Miembro del Directorio
María Paz Jaramillo - Miembro del Directorio
Sofía Vaca, M.A. - Vicepresidente del Directorio y Jefe de Comunicación
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